I will do my best to walk on as many roofs as possible. However, due to safety concerns this may not always be possible. If the roof appears to be too hazardous to walk on, or if the roofing material is such that damage could occur by walking, I will inspect the roof with a ladder at the eaves, or with binoculars when necessary. Drone technology coming soon.


I will inspect the property for signs of termite damage, and do my best to determine if any damage found is old or current. Because termites are not the only concern when it comes to wood, I will also look for signs of damage caused by other wood destroying organisms (WDOs). Please be advised that at this time, I am limited to determining whether or not WDOs exist and reporting on any damage found. It is a non invasive, visual only inspection and the accuracy of my results are not guaranteed. Should termites be found to be currently active at the property, I will happily provide a referral to a local exterminator.